Make a Beautiful, White Smile Your Best Asset

Sinsational Smile® uses a fast and effective technology to whiten teeth in just 20 minutes. With a patented, pre-filled silicone tray and an LED accelerating light, the gel’s whitening ingredients are activated to give you a bright, white smile is less time than other teeth whitening solutions.

We also send you home with a take-home maintenance pen with up to 60 applications, to further extend your brilliant smile.

How many treatments will you need?
Most people notice a significant difference after only one treatment, but additional treatments could be necessary based on your level of teeth staining and your color desire.

How long will the results last?
Whitening durations vary from person to person. Certain foods and drinks (as well as other factors like tobacco, medications, and age) can affect the longevity of your results. The take-home maintenance pen will help extend your white smile and can be used anywhere.

For best results, schedule your Sinsational Smile teeth whitening treatment immediately after a cleaning.


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Sinsational Smile - A Smile So Bright, it's Sinful
Sinsational Smile Package