3 Reasons Cavities Often Go Untreated

Cavities are points of decay that require treatment so the issue will not continue to grow, and the problem is highly treatable in the beginning. However, it is not uncommon for people to not reach out to a dentist for cavity treatment in Salem until a cavity has progressed quite extensively.

1. Poor Understanding of the Risk

A small cavity can look like such a minuscule problem. After all, when the problem begins, you may barely notice anything, so the issue is easy to disregard. Unfortunately, once the enamel of the tooth has been compromised, the cavity can grow quickly and put the tooth at risk.

2. Lack of Dental Checkups

Dental checkups are one of the most critical components of proactive dental care. Many cavities are first discovered during a checkup. While you may see your teeth every day, the dentist takes a more in-depth look in places like below the gum line and in between teeth where cavities are hard to see.

3. Dental Treatment Anxiety

Dental treatment anxiety is a very real issue for many patients. Some have anxious feelings about the sensations of treatment, the tools used in the process, or even pain that may come after a procedure. With the right dentist, however, dental anxiety can be adequately managed. Numerous options are available to soothe fears and make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

Find Cavity Treatment with a West Salem, WI Dentist

When cavities are discovered and treated early, you may not have any further issues with an ailing tooth. Therefore, reaching out to a West Salem dentist promptly and working to achieve proactive care can truly save your smile. Reach out to us at Allen Dental to find out how we can help with cavity prevention and treatment.

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