3 Reasons a Missing Tooth Can Be a Big Deal

Oftentimes, when a patient gets a tooth extracted, they will simply leave that space in their smile open, but this may not be for the best when it comes to your oral health. Why should you consider looking into dental implants in West Salem, WI for just one or two missing teeth? Take a look at some of the detrimental ways a missing tooth can affect you and your smile.

Your Bite Can Shift and Change

Once a gap is opened up in a row of teeth, the body can try to make up for what is missing. The existing teeth may start to shift out of their usual place. Over time, this can create further gaps in your smile.

Surrounding Teeth Pick Up the Slack

The mouth may have a lot of parts and a lot of teeth, but all of those parts are meant to work together in unison. Much like a chain with a weak link, if you have one missing tooth, the rest of your teeth, and even the muscles in your jaws, can be forced to pick up the slack. Over time, this can cause undue stress and wear on surrounding teeth and even cause issues with jaw pain.

Speech Can Be Affected

Depending on where in your mouth the missing tooth was located, even the sound of your voice and how you speak could be affected by a lost tooth. For example, when you lose one of your front teeth, this can affect your ability to properly annunciate certain consonant sounds.

Work with a West Salem, WI Dentist for Help

Even though missing a single tooth may not seem like a big deal, one missing tooth can have an effect on your oral health. Talking to a West Salem dentist about implants may offer a host of advantages. Reach out to us at Allen Dental if you are missing a tooth and would like to discuss your options.