4 Ways to Keep Your Teeth White This Summer  

Summer is a great time for having white teeth. When you’re going to cook outs, weddings, family reunions, it’s good to have white teeth and a smile that makes you feel confident. As your dentist in West Salem, WI, we can help you get whiter teeth this summer. Below are some ways that you can make your teeth pearly white again.

1. Focus on Dental Hygiene

One of the most effective ways to keep your teeth white over time is to focus on maintaining good dental hygiene. Brush your teeth twice daily and floss once daily. Brushing your teeth properly on a regular basis can help keep plaque and tartar off your teeth. Tartar specifically can hold staining bacteria and food against your teeth, leading to discoloration of the tooth enamel.

Some people don’t brush or floss properly, so it’s important to get a tutorial from your dentist to ensure that you’re doing it right. Next time you go into the dentist office for a six-month cleaning, ask your dental provider to give you a tooth brushing tutorial.

2. Learn Which Foods Stain

Foods that stain teeth include berries, tomatoes, coffee, tea, wine, brown sauces and tomato-based sauces. Know when you’re eating foods that can stain your teeth, so you can take action to clean your teeth following a meal.

3. Swish With Water

Water and saliva work together to wash away staining agents after you eat. Stay well hydrated throughout the summer to prevent dry mouth. Swish with water after eating (especially when eating staining foods).

4. Get Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

Professional teeth whitening in West Salem, WI can help make your teeth white and beautiful once more. Getting your teeth whitened at the dentist is affective and affordable. Want to know more about getting your teeth whitened? Summer is almost here, so get started. Call Allen Dental today to make an appointment.