Have a Toothache? Here’s What Could Be Causing It

A toothache can be a troubling problem. When you’re in pain, it’s important to find out why. Your dentist in West Salem, WI, can help. Often, toothaches need treatment from a dentist in order to get better. If you’re experiencing a toothache, here’s what could be the cause.


A cavity is an area of dental decay that has penetrated your tooth enamel. Cavities can cause pain that comes and goes and may even leave a hole in the tooth enamel that you can see. Cavities need to be cleaned out and then filled with appropriate filling material.

Children are especially prone to cavities because they eat so much sugar and often struggle to brush their teeth properly; it’s important to bring them to the dentist for regular examinations.

Dental Infection

Dental infections go all the way down to the tender pulp in the middle of your tooth. When you suffer from a dental infection, the pain can be intense. If the infection is caught soon enough, your dentist will perform a root canal that will save the tooth.

If the infection goes on for too long, your dentist will likely extract your tooth. It’s important to see the dentist as soon as possible when you’re experiencing intense, ongoing dental pain. That’s a dental emergency.


Bruxism is a condition that occurs when a patient grinds their teeth at night. It can cause tooth pain and sensitivity and can lead to worn down or cracked teeth. You may not know when you’re grinding your teeth at night, but your dentist will most likely be able to tell.

Are you experiencing dental pain? It’s important to get a diagnosis and treatment from your dentist. Call today to schedule a dental examination in West Salem, WI

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