What Happens to Your Natural Teeth When You Get Veneers?

 There’s a lot of information about dental veneers. Primarily, the information is about what kinds of veneers are available, how they are applied, how long they last, and the many benefits of veneers. But many people also want to know, what happens to your natural teeth when you get veneers?

Veneers in West Salem, WI

When you get veneers in West Salem, WI, the first thing that your dentist will do is to conduct a thorough exam of your natural teeth and gums. Veneers form a permanent “layer” over your natural teeth, so it’s important the veneers don’t cover certain problems such as exposed nerves or cavities. Any underlying issues will need to be addressed before you get veneers. In most cases, this is just a routine step that doesn’t delay your getting veneers by very long.

Preparing the Natural Teeth

Because veneers are permanent, the natural teeth must be prepared before the veneers are applied. Veneers are applied with a permanent kind of “cement” that adheres to the surface of the natural tooth. Although this dental adherent is very strong, it does better when the natural tooth’s surface is a little bit rough. For that reason, your natural teeth surface will be roughened up a bit. This just makes the adhesion stronger between the tooth and the veneer.

Another treatment that needs to be done is reshaping the natural tooth. In order to preserve the natural-looking profile of the final result, your natural teeth must be reshaped. This involves filing down the tooth so that the ends are narrowed. This ensures that the natural tooth doesn’t stand out from behind the veneer.

Because of the permanence of veneers, these are permanent changes to your natural teeth. While your natural teeth can always remain healthy, they must always be hidden behind the veneers. For more information about veneers, please contact our office.


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