What is Solea Laser Cavity Removal?

If the thought of having a cavity filled makes you nervous, you don’t need to worry. New advancements in dental technology have made it possible for things like cavities to be taken care of much faster and with less traditional tools. Your dentist now uses Solea laser dentistry in West Salem, WI.

What is Solea Laser Cavity Removal?

When this procedure is used, your dentist will rely on a precision laser to remove the decay from your tooth, allowing them to immediately place a filling in the spot. Thus, rather than leaving your tooth untreated, letting the decay multiply, and finding yourself with a tooth that is infected and now needing to be extracted, Solea laser dentistry is more efficient and faster than traditional dentistry.

Is Solea Laser Dentistry Painful?

If you’ve always associated getting a cavity fixed with undergoing a painful procedure at your dentist’s office, it’s time to change your thinking. Actually, Solea laser cavity removal is so close to being virtually painless that most patients don’t even require an anesthetic for the procedure.

Can it Work on All Cavities?

Generally, Solea laser cavity removal works best on smaller cavities that have not yet reached your gum line. However, due to the laser allowing your dentist to make very precise cuts in your tooth to remove the decay, it may be able to be used in certain other situations. Your dentist in West Salem, WI can let yo know if you are a good candidate for Solea laser cavity removal.

How Many Visits Are Needed?

One of the biggest benefits of Solea laser dentistry is speed. Most—if not all—treatments that are done with this new tool can be completed in just one visit. Now you can get most of your dental needs taken care of in the span of time it takes to have an office lunch.

Your dentist in West Salem will be able to answer all your cavity questions related to Solea laser dentistry. Call to book your appointment today.

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